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Benveet “Bean” Gill’s story serves up a dose of reality like you’ve never heard before.

In her 20s, Gill was working as an X-ray technologist in a cardiac catherization lab. But, in 2012, when she turned 30, everything changed. She left an abusive relationship, her dad left her family and during a trip to Las Vegas, a virus paralyzed her from the waist down.

While relaxing in a hotel room with close friends, she felt a sudden, stabbing pain in her spine. “The pain lasted only a few minutes, and then I couldn’t move my right leg. I was paralyzed within 10 minutes.” 

Multiple neurologists told Gill a virus was likely to blame and she would regain full use of her legs within weeks. 

After several months of no progress, Bean was forced to come to grips with her new reality. A once athletic young woman who enjoyed modeling, kickboxing, and weightlifting, she struggled with betrayal by her own body. She couldn’t roll over, sit up, or get out of bed without help. She was forced to find her way through an inaccessible society, all the while living with paralysis and learning how to love herself – disability and all. 

If it wasn’t for the worst year of her life, Gill wouldn’t be who she is today.

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Being a woman of color who also has a visible disability, Bean is an example of unwavering strength and resilience. Co-founding Wheels Of Change and using her platform, she will use her loud voice for equality in ALL aspects!

Keynote Speaking

Bean truly enjoys serving up a dose of reality like you’ve never heard it before. She loves motivating and inspiring her audiences to do better and be better. Bean believes in having fun while sharing and learning from our experiences and from each other. She guarantees you will feel ALL the emotions and leave feeling inspired with a hunger to change the world around you.


Being the self proclaimed “Trifecta of Discrimination” Bean had a hard time finding her place. Turns out her place is in front of a camera, who knew right? She loves being able to transform and show the world that you truly CAN be anything you want to be. When you love yourself and believe in yourself…anything is possible!

Let's Get to Know Eachother

 “I am a wheelie awesome chick who rebels against the norm and will fight for equality among all until the day I die! Lets roll!”

Spending time with my wild and loud family, there are quite a few babies so when I’m feeling down I play with a kiddo as they are pure love and it immediately brings me joy. I find joy in giving my clients and friends hope and confidence. By believing in them and showing them how beautiful and fun can be with a disability.

I love watching the Kardashians, they remind me so much of my family…except the sex tape

I listen to true crime podcasts but cannot watch a scary movie…the visuals are too much

I sing really loud to my power jams and rap really vigorously to the best rap, old school gangster rap! West Side Connection, Tupac, Biggie, Snoop, Dr. Dre and many many more. 

I am happily divorced and am loving my single life 

If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be…watermelon

I have been alcohol free for over 6 years! No more hangovers!!!

I will challenge anyone to a push up competition…and win! 


What Clients Are Saying

Bean talked to us about diversity, inclusion, equity and allyship, and I must say that it was a life-changing experience. As someone with a disability, she brings a unique perspective and insight to the table, and her passion for advocating for inclusivity is truly inspiring

Ruquia Rubaiet Raka, Program Facilitator at On Site Placement

Bean’s words resonated deeply with the audience, and they were able to connect with her. Her talk is not just informative, but also impactful, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to hear her speak multiple times!

Ruquia Rubaiet Raka, Program Facilitator at On Site Placement

I admire her for helping spread the message and promoting visibility for people with disabilities. Thank you for giving a voice to all of us and fearlessly pushing forward.

Kendra Erhardt

Bean is a symbol of hope in our lives, she inspires us to never give up on ourselves, and constantly keep improving.

Reny Clericuzio

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Bean is a self-proclaimed ‘trifecta of discrimination’, Inclusion Warrior, Entrepreneur, Model of Diversity, Wheelchair Pageant Queen.